Review: Magdalena’s 70% Cacao Bean Chocolates

IMG_0557It is true. I’m not a fan of cut flowers. My husband knows better than to buy them for me. It’s not that I’m not a romantic. It’s just that I feel that cut flowers are such a waste. Now chocolates are an altogether different thing. I absolutely love chocolates.  Good chocolates can make me swoon and feel all nice and groovy inside (thanks to the endorphins released with the consumption of chocolate). I’d buy chocolates for myself — no sense waiting for Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries to get them  (sometimes, you just don’t). You could already tell that I’m the sort of person who believes that “seven days without chocolates makes one weak.”

But I’m not a chocolate snob, honest. Every now and then, I would get a spoon and dip it into a tub of Nutella (for the uninitiated, this is sweetened hazelnut chocolate spread, a.k.a. heaven in a spoon) to satisfy a chocolate craving. But I do know the difference between chocolate and good chocolate, and the latter is almost always dark chocolate. It is with great anticipation that I opened the package that contained Magdalena’s 70% Cacao Bean Chocolates, proudly made with cacao beans and sugar grown in the Philippines. Usually, chocolates and chocolate products in the Philippines tout their excellence by distinguishing themselves as imported, in short, not from the Philippines. Magdalena’s is the complete opposite.

The moment I tore the tape of the package, the delectable aroma of pure chocolate bliss escaped. I was surprised by the strength of this delightful scent since I found the chocolates wrapped in  three layers (in plastic, then in a cardboard box, then in another zipped plastic inside). Chocolate lovers know that the joy of chocolates is as much an olfactory as a gustatory experience. There were three varieties: One with dried mango slices, one with roasted cashew nuts, and one with candied guyabano bits.

I tried the one with roasted cashew nuts first as I felt that of the three varieties, this would give me a better sense of what the base chocolate tastes like since cashew nuts don’t have a distinct flavor.  Just as you would expect from high quality chocolates, Magdalena’s is shiny brown and upon biting, breaks cleanly. It is not greasy or sticky. And the taste is just of pure alluring chocolate goodness. (Yes, I swooned). Next I tried the one with dried mango slices. The mango adds a little bit more sweetness to the confection but doesn’t overwhelm. As for the one with candied guyabano – I do like fresh guyabano fruit but am not sure the combination with dark chocolate works too well. The guyabano bits are soft and juicy, but I find it distracting from the goodness of the chocolates. Maybe it’s just a matter of personal preference. In fact, I would love to have just plain Magdalena’s 70% Cacao Bean Chocolates, if they do come up with it.

Overall, these are the best chocolates I’ve ever had from the Philippines, and better than a lot of the chocolates I’ve had from other countries. To get your stash:

Visit their Facebook page or email Telephone number +63 999 700 7700.

One response to “Review: Magdalena’s 70% Cacao Bean Chocolates

  1. Thank you for saying such wonderful things about our chocolates. YES, we hope we can help make the Philippines popular for its chocolates too. If we can make them good already, as we’re just learning to make them, imagine what they can be in the future. YES, we also have an all-chocolate variant.

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